Alumni Spaces Releases Results of Largest Alumni Group Survey Ever Conducted

Alumni Spaces Releases Results of Largest Alumni Group Survey Ever Conducted

Alumni Spaces ( is excited to announce the results of their Alumni Group Survey (, the largest survey of alumni group leaders ever conducted.

Alumni Spaces works directly with local leaders of more than 400 alumni groups in 163 cities around the world. As part of the survey, 398 groups in 48 states representing 91 different schools were asked about their traits, challenges, activities, relationships, successes and digital tools. The smallest group surveyed had just 5 members while the largest has over 10,000 members.

The top ten schools represented in the survey are: Cal-Berkeley, Brigham Young, Duke, Florida State, Georgia, Harvard, Indiana, Michigan State, Texas A&M and Yale. The most results from any one school was 10 and no one school made up more than 2.5% of the data. The survey also consists of a great cross-section of schools represented: public and private institutions, large and small student bodies, athletic dynasties and some schools without NCAA teams.

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of alumni associations as a whole and personal alumni perspective data is available to the higher education industry, but there has never before been an analysis of the groups that make up the core of most large alumni associations. These groups are the front line of both university and alumni association brands as they help with prospective student recruitment, fundraising/advancement and post-collegiate networking. Andrew Cafourek, cofounder of Alumni Spaces said, “We believe these groups are a vitally important part of every university and while we’ve had “gut” assessments about these groups as a whole, data is what we were after. Our goal is to provide data that reinforces or challenges anecdotal perspectives in the higher education industry and for alumni associations to use these findings as a springboard to meaningful discussions within their organizations.”

The survey results will be released in a seven part blog series over the next two months and are available at Article topics and analysis breakouts include:

1. Introduction and Group Profiles
2. Challenges Facing Alumni Groups and What They Need to Solve Them
3. Alumni Group Activities and Trends
4. Alumni Group Funding
5. The Digital Toolbox for Alumni Groups
6. The Highest Performing Alumni Groups and What We Can Learn From Them

The survey results will also be published as a white paper available at

Cafourek presented the Alumni Group Survey findings at the 2017 CASE District IV Conference in Ft. Worth alongside the University of Oklahoma Alumni Association.

About Alumni Spaces
Alumni Spaces is a technology startup based in New York, NY and Springfield, MO. It was started when the founders combined their backgrounds in software development, fundraising and alumni relations to come up with a better way to engage, communicate and empower alumni networks all over the world. University alumni associations use the platform to empower and engage their members, and expand their active donor base. Chapters gain a stronger digital presence, while administrators achieve a deeper understanding through activity reports and group automated recognition programs. There are groups from more than 30 universities on the platform including the University of North Carolina General Alumni Association, the University of Oklahoma Alumni Association and the Mizzou Alumni Association.


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