Alumni Spaces Satellite

Showcase your global network. Anywhere.

Many alumni organizations have maps of their groups. We noticed that they tend to be a manually created custom Google Map, ill-designed for especially large or small (mobile) screens or seldom-updated. Some try to showcase their global networks and show a view of the entire world only to have the cluster in their home state get lost in one small corner and make the map as a whole feel sparse. And many others feature links to dead sites, old contact info or leave off social media entirely.

We leveraged the benefits of Symphony to create a scalable and dynamic modern solution for creating global alumni network maps. Since all Symphony groups have an easy-to-use website with social links, a group description and a location, we’ve eliminated all the manual effort needed. When a group updates any contact or social information on their site, it is reflected on your map in real-time.

While the main focus of our map is on the United States, the reach of your network is showcased with continental maps, keeping the global reach at hand without losing perspective closer to home.

Best of all, Alumni Spaces Satellite is responsive and designed to fit into any website. By simply adding one line of code to your website, the map is added and ready to go. Its design fits into a browser of any size and when viewed on a phone, it shifts into a smaller version with a focus on finding groups nearest you.

Get Started

The map is rendered using an easy snippet of HTML code:

The basic thing you need to do is the javascript file.  Then by adapting the data-university attribute to the prefix for your school, you’re all set. If you don’t already know your school’s prefix, let us know and we’ll get it to you.