Special Thanks

Alumni Spacen, The Wolf Den, Holland, red pants, Thalis or Turkish Air.  Köyceğiz was a great place to work but without Joep and Ilse in Dalyan, we would never have gotten along this well. Ops Cafe and Cafe Nano in Istanbul are the MVPs of 2012. Café Bustelo, skyline views, Mac OSX, Jan, Legos, DUMBO and Ellie Goulding helped. Flint, Google Hangouts, Join.me, Skype and unlocked iPhones kept us in touch, but Kickoff really did it best. Boy do we miss you Kickoff. We got a lot of analog stuff done in Unst, less done on Northlink Ferries but we made up for it on Scotrail. Scotland as a whole gets some credit just for being amazing. Musselburgh, Lerwick, Baltasound, Aberdeen, Ayr, Everything-upon-Sprey. It got real in December of 2014, and for that we have to thank the team at ERA – Jon, Murat, Charlie, Galina and Jeremy – we wouldn’t be where we are today without that initial 40K to keep the boats afloat (even while they were burning) and the even more valuable guidance and introductions. Also in the realm of ERA – big props to the ping pong table, the giant “fireplace” that hosted too few fireside chats, the boys at Ketchup (and all their patents), Eventable, Place Pixel (seriously, there is a map for that), Rollinglobe (only one G please) and anyone else that helped keep us grounded or understood the venting better than anyone else. Slack – we signed up for you in 2012. We started using you in 2015, and haven’t looked back. RelateIQ? You finally settled the CRM debate of the century, accounting for Nick’s laziness and Rachel’s intelligent desire to see it all written out. Friko and Rufus, well done. AirBnB helped out a lot, the trailer in North Carolina, tethered internet, Coffee Ethic, the eFactory and a Buick Encore are indispensable.  A lot got done on the back pool deck and the dining addition at the non-digital HQ, but that back shed is going to be golden.  Sheridan, MT; Saxapahaw, NC; Asheville, NC; the KOA at Mount Rushmore; Cody, WY; Davis, CA… especially Davis, CA.  Other useful things include iTerm2, DeployBot and CodeKit – without those, we’d have achieved very very little. American Airlines, man do we wish we still had complimentary upgrade to first glass. Those bloody mary and screwdriver cocktails won’t buy themselves. Oklahoma! Dusty little state that could.How about them Clemson folk?! out of the blue, you swooped in with your national champion alumni association and signed the dotted line faster than anyone previous. The great state of Florida finally delivered as well, and we wouldn’t want to forget them on this little journey. Florida State, we thank you and your fantastic team. At this point, we could be in some serious trouble come time for the college football playoffs.