The world's most modern payment platform for alumni

No contracts & low fees - only a 5% processing charge.

Whether you’re raising money for local scholarships, signing up new members, or even selling t-shirts, donors can use the same easy-to-use platform. It just takes seconds to get started for a new cause and we can send money to the same account or different accounts - whatever you prefer. Donors and customers still have the same modern payment method options and great experience.
Get your alumni used to giving back to your university by starting with smaller, more regular amounts. Not only do alumni get into the habit of giving back, but you also increase your pool of donors by engaging more alumni than just the 1:1 meetings with top net worth individuals. Alumni have a fun, positive giving experience at an event where nostalgia and school pride take over instead of avoiding annual fund phone calls at dinner time. Take note from political fundraising -- smaller donations from more people works.
Donors can make a gift in less than 15 seconds choosing the payment method they prefer. Say goodbye to long forms or having to bring a credit card machine. Not only can donors pay from their own phone, but the process is fun, easy and encourages social sharing.
Give donors the ability to pay the ways they are used to and prefer paying. Not only can they pay via credit card, but they can choose to use PayPal, Venmo or even bitcoin. Not accepting a payment method shouldn't be a barrier to raising money for scholarships. Donors not only are used to paying via modern payment methods, but they expect it.
Get better insight to your donors and raise more money. Know how much they usually give and when they typically make their gift. Understand what they care about and make it easier for them to donate to their favorite causes.
Donors receive a fun badge after they make their gift and are encouraged to tell others about their donation. We make it easy for them to share the link with others via their social media platform of choice. There's nothing like a little friendly competition to raise money!
Improve your workflow and integrate with the systems you already use. Already have a donor database, CRM and/or email software? We'll connect our data directly to your system. Life moves fast and you should be able to focus on engaging more alumni and raising more money - not manually entering data or exporting and importing information to different systems. Bring previously hard to capture offline data into your system and let the data work for you.
Rest easier. We take care of the paperwork and allow you to focus on raising more money. Your donor's valuable information is important and we care about it's safety as much as you. We do our very best and stay current with best-in-class industry standards to make sure all valuable information remains secure.
We take care of thanking donors and deliver the information they need for a tax-deductible gift. Seconds after making their donation, they receive a friendly, personal receipt to their email. We also include social links so they can share the impact they made and encourage their friends to also donate. We're happy to work with you to customize the language and look/feel of your receipts.