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Helping associations build a better alumni experience.

Symphony helps your alumni association communicate more effectively, build a stronger web presence on the local level and better understand alumni activity.

Reporting Suite

You can see what’s happening on the local level, give recommendations from successful activities and notice when trends emerge. All in one place with cool charts.

Network of Ensemble Sites

Give groups a website of their own instantly built on Ensemble. Any information they enter will be online, in your database and publishable to social media with one click of a button.

Content Syndication

Make sure that content stays fresh and maintain university branding on your group sites by creating content for them and syndicating it where it makes sense.

Centralized Communication

Keep track of everything in one place: event specific requests, post event information, group data, dates, funds raised, etc. Access anytime, anywhere inside Symphony.

All for one standard price: $15,000 per year.

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A free website tailored for alumni groups.

Create things once, not thrice.

The number one complaint we hear from chapter volunteers is how much time is needed to maintain their website, Eventbrite events, Facebook page and Twitter feed – copy/pasting bits and pieces along the way. We thought that sounded like a lot of extra work. So, we built the Social Broadcaster feature into all of Alumni Spaces websites. With one click of a button, you can share your event or news update to your twitter feed, Facebook fan page or personal timeline and sell tickets to your event with Eventbrite. It really is that easy.
Alumni Spaces content editor

Not everyone knows HTML. So we got rid of it.

The title says it all – not one feature on the Alumni Spaces network requires you to know or use HTML code. Whether you’re creating event posts or a new page on your website, simple text fields are combined with an easy to use interface that makes for a natural website building process anyone can master. Don’t know what HTML is? Good, don’t worry about it. Of course on the other hand, if you are an HTML whiz, you can still use it anywhere you want to leave your fingerprint.
Alumni Spaces Event manager

Events are only cool when people show up. Posting events on your Alumni Spaces site helps. A lot

Whether you’re recruiting the troops to come out and support your team at a watch party or getting everyone together for a spring picnic, putting your event online is the first step. At Alumni Spaces, we believe it shouldn’t be complicated. Your website highlights both upcoming and recent events so you capture the attention of those looking for something to do and let others know the fun they’ve missed.
Alumni Spaces news updates

News from home can be the best kind of news. Make sure it’s received.

Most alumni are involved at a chapter level for two reasons: stay in contact with other local alumni and keep up with what is happening back home. The Alumni Spaces News Updates feature allows you to easily post featured news articles on your website to keep members up to date on University news and your own chapter-related information.
Alumni Spaces Photo Galleries

Photo galleries online where they make sense.

Sure, you can post your photos on Facebook, but can you post them on a specific event after it’s happened? Didn’t think so… and it doesn’t stop there. With Alumni Spaces, you can add photo galleries to anything you want – events, news updates or even the page you created specifically for the chapter mascot.


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The World’s Most Powerful Modern Payment Platform for Alumni.

Alumni.Fund accepts modern and traditional payment methods alike, making it easier than ever for alumni to give back.

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Use it for anything - raising money for a local scholarship, selling t-shirts or membership drives.

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What They're Saying

Symphony is a powerful tool for volunteer led engagement. One integrated system now consolidates communication and marketing functions that were previously being replicated in as many as five different platforms. Staff and volunteer time has been freed up to focus on higher-level engagement and support.Jayson Meyer, Director of Alumni Engagement / Mizzou Alumni Association
I know that our Alumni Spaces site plays a major role in our attempts to capture new and/or non-engaged alumni in our area.Curtis Morgan, President / OU - Charlotte Chapter
I was surprised by how easy it was to use and how great the website was designed to fit OU. I highly recommend using Alumni Spaces to help your alumni connect with each other.Katie Blum, President / University of Oklahoma NYC Club
Alumni Spaces makes it easy and hassle-free to set-up and manage our MizzouNYC alumni website. The interface is extremely user-friendly and you don't need to know HTML.Morgan Mitchell, Secretary / University of Missouri, NYC Chapter
I wanted something that looked nice, was easy to edit and change, and was affordable. I found all three things with Alumni Spaces. The team at Alumni Spaces have been great to work with - building the website was easy.Mike LaHaie, President / MSU-GCAC Chapter
Now we have a dynamic, stylish site for the Club that was easy to setup and even easier to modify. Nick and his team are extremely supportive and patient even with a ‘non-tech savvy’ person like myself. Steve Sharpe, Communications Chair / The Ohio State Alumni Club of Northeast Florida
We have received so much new interest since having our chapter site with Alumni Spaces.Joe Tomlin, President / University of Alabama Columbia, SC Chapter

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Alumni Spaces is a project of A022 Digital, LLC, founded by University of Missouri alums living in Brooklyn and Springfield MO.

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